Program Standards


All SystemVision homes are third-party verified and performance-tested for the following:

Air Tightness & Framing

A tight home can reduce energy bills and control for comfort and air pollutants. SystemVision builders block all attic bypasses, seal all top plate connections, and ensure that their building’s shell will be continuous.

Ventilation & Moisture Management

All SystemVision homes have performance-verified spot ventilation in the baths and kitchen and a performance-verified whole-house ventilation system.

Insulation & Windows

While SystemVision homes are built to 2009 IECC R-value requirements, the installation of insulation is verified to be in complete and continuous contact with the building shell with no gaps, voids, misalignment, compression, or wind intrusion.

HVAC Sizing/Installation & Duct Tightness

Duct leakage can be no more than 3% — more than six times as tight as standard NC homes according to a 100-house benchmark analysis. Tight ducts mean less energy waste, fewer comfort issues and better indoor air quality.

Pressure Balancing

Pressure balancing ensures that the pressures created by delivering air to each room in a SystemVision home is in balance with the others — a key to the success of our comfort guarantees.

Combustion Safety & Appliances

All SystemVision homes are built with combustion safety in mind. Those with combustion equipment include safety features like direct-vent models and carbon monoxide detectors.

Download the complete Program Standards.