Home Guarantees

A SystemVision home offers a homeowner a peace of mind that they will be able to afford and enjoy living in the home they’ve worked so hard to buy. Each home receives two guarantees that Advanced Energy monitors for two years:

Heating and Cooling Energy Use Guarantee

Each home receives a monthly heating and cooling energy use guarantee based on the actual house plan. The average cost to heat and cool a typical SystemVision home is around $33 per month! Knowing what to expect on their utility bills allows homeowners to keep budgets manageable. If a home exceeds its guaranteed energy usage,  Advanced Energy pays the difference to the homeowner.

Comfort Guarantee

This guarantees the center of each room will not differ from the thermostat setting by more than 3 degrees. If comfort issues arise, Advanced Energy works to diagnose the problem to keep homeowners comfortable in their homes.

The Heating and Cooling Energy Use Guarantee does not cover your total utility bill, only the heating and cooling portion. Your total utility bill includes your base load, which is electricity usage that accounts for your appliances, lighting, electronics, and water heating.

Download complete details on the guarantees.

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